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In the late 1960s, with the introduction of the first quartz movement, a new generation of watchmaking industry was ushered in. This technological breakthrough brought a period of turmoil to the Swiss watch industry. Compared to traditional Swiss mechanical movements, these Japanese-made quartz movements are cheaper, more precise and faster to produce. They constitute a threat top quartz watches mens that the period between the 1970s and the 1980s was called the quartz crisis. Even today, as powerful as the Swiss market, many people still think that quartz movements are not as good as mechanical counterparts. However, it is worth taking a step back to check what the quartz movement is and how it compares to the traditional automatic movement.

One of the main advantages of a quartz movement is accuracy. Quartz movements are more accurate mens quartz dress watches than mechanical movements. Another benefit is convenience. In addition to replacing the battery every two years, the quartz watch can continue to operate without wearing or winding. Finally, watches with quartz movements are cheaper than mechanical watches, especially when considering luxury watches.

When the quartz movement is powered from the battery, the automated mechanical movement uses energy from the wearer's wrist movement. Each time the watch moves, the rotor inside the movement rotates and automatically winds the mainspring. That's why you may hear someone calling an automatic movement an automatic movement. Next, the concentrated energy is released from the mainspring through the barrel to the gear train to power the timepiece. As long as someone wears a watch or puts best mens quartz watches the watch on the watch, it will continue to have power. The arguments for supporting and opposing quartz movements are often the enthusiasm of watch lovers. However, the innovation that quartz movements bring to watch production is undeniable. Instead of comparing quartz motion with automatic quartz motion, it is more sensible to examine and appreciate each quartz motion as an individual. Both types of movements have brought breakthroughs, discoveries and advancements to the watchmaking field.

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